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beta page as a bot

Into v2

it was a long journey lasting a year. a lot of experimentation and attempts to make the best architecture that is easy to develop and maintain, to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. in the two years that I have been developing discord bots, I have become better. and all my experience went into this creation.

thanks for being with me. and for launching this bot after a year of inactivity, I saw servers that did not exclude us from the list. thank you for everything <3

New experience

in the new update, according to discord policy, there has been a switch to using slash commands. i tried to get access to receiving messages because i prepared you a nice and flexible language setup on your servers, but got a negative response.
so a solution was created, which automatically logs the commands automatically.
I would like to note, that the work, for example, RP module became noticeably more stable thanks to them.
Also, unfortunately there is a rudimentary command /commands, which will probably be removed in the next update.
I am still studying this technology and working on making your experience as pleasant as possible.

I also want to tell you about the new complaint module, which delighted my fellow admins during the closed beta test. the module has been polished to a shine, but its release is delayed due to the fact that some of its features do not work well with slash commands and require a little rethinking.

as a result, at the time of launch 2.0.0 RP commands, some fan commands and bot customization tools were transferred


And so, to begin, use the command "/help". Then use the command "/language [name]" to put your language on the server. Check the list of available language packs with "/languages" and watch for updates. Maybe your language will be added soon, or you yourself will join the translation community, which will start to form when the core systems are stabilized.

To make sure you don't miss anything, join my Discord. It will come to life soon.


the code may still cause errors. don't forget the command "/bugreport [text]" to let me know what went wrong. together we'll make it better

forever your. Dmitrii "mrKarton" Gornostaev